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Age Nymph - Ayeon Trespass

Age Nymph
Artwork and 3D model I've made for Aeon Trespass Nymphs series.

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The Age Nymph acts as an agent of time itself. She is a physical manifestation of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Her very presence bends the flow of time. It’s not clear if the rapid aging is a byproduct of her passing, or if she purposefully sucks the years out of her victims. When she goes through her rebirth, she sheds her skin, similarly to a snake. That skin is then left to rot, but, if someone did manage to find and preserve it, they’d have a suit that would hypothetically protect them from the ruin of time.

Mateusz lenart age nymph 14 mm

AGE NYMPH - spotlight

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